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Race Week

The 2020 season hasn't been kind to us so far but all that looks to change this weekend as we set to take the first green flag of the year. Even this race weekend will look completely different than anything we have seen before. June 20th starting at 2PM we will be coming at you LIVE on YouTube thanks to You will be able to watch an action packed day of racing with your Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modifieds along with some of the best Pro Late Models from around Southern Ontario. Once it was announced on about "Operation Green Flag, Mission: Flamboro Speedway" John Karley announced we had 23 cars guaranteed coming out to support the club with a full field of vintage modifieds.

On top of having a full field of Vintage Modifieds, We've had multiple teams and sponsors step up and add to the fun of this event. Last update we made we had stated that the winner will win $625 BUT since then we have upped that to $1000 to win! We now have over $1000 in extra money to be handed out after the event.

This event is turning out greater than I'm sure a lot of us would think would happen. With that I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting this amazing rebirth of this class. Without everyone believing in this overhaul starting with John Karley and going all the way down through the committee down to the racers and all our sponsors who have stepped up and have stayed with us through this pandemic. With all that said, we are excited to get back to the track this weekend. Make sure to watch us live starting at 2PM on June 20th and to keep up to date on all things make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest action.

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