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Mission: Accomplished

This past weekend the Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modifieds took on "Operation: Green Flag, Mission: Flamboro". The operation was a success and the club put on an amazing show. 23 cars showed up to take the green flag in Saturdays event. The lockdown format was in effect where cars could make adjustments to there cars during the break. If the cars made adjustments and went to their pits they would lose out on their spot and join back in at the back of the field. It was a jam packed day filled with racing that would excite the new and old. It was a picture perfect day for a race with the best drivers this club has to offer.

Mike Podd would win the pole for the event in qualifying and on the invert would start sixth where the #18 of Jerrid Morphy (#18) and Max Wright (#25) would lead the field to green. The field roared down the front stretch two by two going into turn one. Max Wright (#25) jumped out to an early lead with Morphy (18), Daryl Henwood (29), Ron Easton (00) and Mike Podd (#5) all double filed behind. the #29 car got pushed high in turn 4 and shuffled back letting Easton scoot by. On lap 6 as Wright and Morphy go into turn 1 Wright got tagged in the rear and around went the #25 bringing out the first yellow of the day. On the ensuing restart Morphy and Podd run side by side going into one and coming off of turn 4 Morphy was able to clear the #5 of Podd and took the lead. Just a couple laps later trouble would happen for the #19 of John Karley as his car went hard into the outside wall going into turn 1 where the car slide up the wall with the right side of Karleys car rode on top of the wall before the back end of the car swung around coming off the wall in the middle of turn 2. "GForce said they wanted a show, here's your show!" Karley said in an interview with GForceTV after climbing from his damaged car. John was running third at the time before the accident. After the clean up it was Morphy and Podd on the front row with 10 laps to with the #5 jumping out in front of the #18 before just a lap later there was a spin coming out of turn 2 the #53 of Jeff Kells, #39 of Bill Pearsall and the #24 of Rodney Rutherford with the #39 of Pearsal turned around rolling his car backwards down the back stretch. On the restart it was Podd, Morphy, Marshall, Barton Klotz your top-5. Marshall made his way to second on the restart around Morphy and was hot on his tail while a spinning Dale Lucas went around in turn 4 but no caution came out as Lucas was able to keep the car rolling. with just 5 laps to go Marshall was on the tale of of Podd going into one where Podd went in too hot and spun bringing out the caution. T.J Marshall led the field at the break with Jerrid Morphy 2nd, Mike Klotz 3rd, Jeremy Barton 4th, Max Wright making a comeback through the field finishing 5th at the break. 6th was Mike Podd recovering from his earlier spin. 7th Was Jason Bowden, Bill Pearsall 8th, #42 of Steve Murdoch 9th and 10th was Rodney Rutherford in his #24.

When the caution came out for the halfway break the cars would come down pit road for the "Lockdown Challenge" teams could either go to their pits or head back all the way down to turn 4 and get ready for the second half of the event. It gave teams to possibly gain or lose spots at the break. All teams stayed put and drove down to turn 4 and waited on the intermission to complete to go back racing.

The field rolled out for their second segment and when the green flag flew the defending champ T.J Marshall jumped out to a lead with 2,3 and 4th battling it out. on lap 6 of the second segment the #7 car of Jason Bowden went around in the middle of 3 and 4 bringing out the caution once again. On the restart it was Marshall, Morphy, Wright and Klotz the front two rows. With 11 laps left in the race the #00 of Ron Easton went around bringing out the caution once again bunching up the field for another restart. With 7 laps to go we had a battle for second as the #25 of Max Wright and the #18 of Jerrid Morphy as Max drove in hard and made his car stick to get around the #18. With 5 laps to go the caution came out once agin for the #42 of Steve Murdoch who went around in the middle of three and four. The green flag flew with 5 laps to go and Marshall assumed his spot at the top with Wright making a charge but couldn't stay with him as he battled with Morphy and Barton for the second, third and fourth spot in the final laps. Top 5 P1 T.J Marshall, P2 Max Wright, P3 Jerrid Morphy, P4 Jeremy barton, P5 Rodney Rutherford.

Your Finishing order of the event;

P1: #15 T.J Marshall

P2: #25 Max Wright

P3: #18 Jerrid Morphy

P4: #24 Rodney Rutherford

P5: #39 Bill Pearsall

P6: #7 Jason Bowden

P7: #8 Rick Willigar

P8: #30 Dale Lucas

P9: #29 Daryl Henwood

P10: #42 Steve Murdoch

P11: #46 Mike Klotz

P12: #33 Chance Isherwood

P13: #5 Mike Podd

P14: #00 Ron Easton

P15: #53 Jeff Kells

P16: #19 John Karley

P17: #17 Joe Arsenault

P18: #80 Amanda Stoner

P19: #07 Michael Kenny

P20: #03 Wayde Thorne

P21: #84 Jeremy Barton

P22: #47 Patrick Reulens

P23: #88 Bill Stoner Sr.

*#84 was disqualified through a tech issue and scored in the 21st position*

Also the winner for all our lap sponsors;

Maurice Piper-Shop Press: Mike Podd

$75 draw from signed in drivers: Jason Bowden

Jennifer Hatch Coldwell Banker Reality $375 top up to winner for $1000 to win: T.J Marshall

Larry and Mike Westwood $50 3rd at break: Mike Klotz

Larry and Mike Westwood $50 5th place finisher: Bill Pearsall

TS Design $25 leader at lap 10: Jerrid Morphy

TS Design $25 fourth at break: Jeremy Barton

RB Enterprise $25 6th place: Jason Bowden

Touchwood Cabinets $70 7th place finisher in memory of Doc Roper: Rick Willigar

Jennifer Hatch Coldwell Banker Reality $25 12th at the break: Dale Lucas

Jennifer Hatch Coldwell Banker Reality $25 12th finisher: Chance Isherwood

RB Enterprises $25 13th place: Mike Podd

Madbatter $50 15th place finisher: Jeff Kells

RB Enterprises $25 17th place finisher: Joe Arsenault

John Karley $25 19th place finisher: Michael Kenny

Al & Jesse Pearsall CVM #39 $25 20th at the break: Michael Kenny

Lucas Demaso Crew Chief CVM #39 $25 20th place finisher: Wayde Thorne

Bob Munroe: $25 first car out of race with one green flag completed: Wayde Thorne

Jiggin Jody's Seafood #25 first car out after break with one green flag lap complete: Michael Kenny

Jerrid Morphy $25 Last car running at the break: Daryl Henwood

Jerrid Morhy $25 last car running at the finish: Chance Isherwood

Bill Bakalis $50 last car on the lead lap at the finish: Steve Murdoch

Mike Kenny from Kenny Racing $25 highest finishing rookie: Rodney Rutherford

Zulmira & Joao Custodio CVM #39 $25 lowest finishing rookie: Wayde Thorne

Retired Fire Platoon Chief Bill Pearsall CVM #39 $50 worst mechanical failure: Mike Podd

Uncle Jack & Aunt Edna Jonkmanns CVM #39 $25 hard luck: John Karley

Dan Cabral $25 fastest qualifier: Mike Podd

Dan Cabral $25 leader at the break: T.J Marshall

Ponderosa Nature Resort CVM #39 $25 best spin out: John Karley

Jon Morrison $50 hard charger: T.J Marshall

Jeff Walt WaltFab $25 highest finishing old guy: Bill Pearsall

WaltFab & Jase Cornell $50 most cars passed first half by an old guy: Bill Pearsall

WaltFab & Jase Cornell $50 to most cars passed in second half by old guy: Bill Pearsall

Justin Collison $75 highest finishing 6 Cylinder: Max Wright

Jeff Walt WaltFab one can of race fuel to who leads the most laps: T.J Marshall

Trendall Racing $50 highest finishing Ford in-line 6: Mike Klotz

Trendall Racing $50 highest finishing Ford in-line 6: Rodney Rutherford

Thank you to everyone who watched and cheered on their favourite driver and we hope to see everyone at the track soon. Thank you to for broadcasting this historic class, you can go back and rewatch the whole race in its entirety on YouTube on as well will be broadcasted nationally on RevTv at a later date. Thank you to all the club sponsors because without you we couldn't have put on an amazing show like we did on the weekend without your support. Thank you to all the drivers and teams for coming out and putting on one heck of show for our fans. We hope to get back on track soon until then keep safe and we will all see each other soon!

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