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First Time Winner Takes Top Spot In Memorial Race

On Saturday the Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway for their annual memorial race. The day started off promising for all the teams and drivers as they made their third start of the year with temperatures not normally seen for another month for the annual Frostoberfest event. During practice the teams had 20 mins to make sure they shook the bugs out of the car for the heats and features.

In the first heat of the day we had the #88 of Bill Stoner Sr. and the #7 of Quintin Murdoch leading the field to green. After completing lap 1 the #88 spun going into turn one collecting the #03 of Jake Gilbert. There was minimal, if not and damage between the #88 and #03. The officials would give the #03 his spot back which put him in P1 when they went back to green. After the brief caution Jake Gilbert would get a good jump on the restart and pull away from Quintin Murdoch in the #7 and the rest of the field as he cruised to the heat win in the first heat.

Heat #1 Finishing Order:

1) #03 Jake Gilbert

2) #7 Quintin Murdoch

3) #88 Bill Stoner Sr.

4) #00 Brian Pescetti

5) #07 Michael Kenny

6) #37 Heath Penny

The second heat started with the #8 of Rick Willigar starting on the pole position with the #42 of Steve Murdoch starting on his outside. On the drop of the green flag going into turn one Steve Murdoch got loose going into one and over correcting sending his car into the outside wall collecting the #47 of Patrick Reulens. Both cars were taken off by the tow trucks and were repaired in time for the feature race. On the ensuing green flag the #8 of Rick Willigar was able to get out front of the #17 of Joe Arsenault and hold him off as the rest of the field spread out and ran a clean race till the end.

Heat #2 Finishing Order:

1) #8 Rick Willigar

2) #17 Joe Arsenault

3) #33 Keith Temple

4) #80 Amanda Stoner

5) #19 Connor Ross

6) #42 Steve Murdoch (DNF)

7) #47 Patrick Reulens (DNF)

Heat 3 saw the #46 of Mike Klotz and the #29 of Daryl Henwood led the field to green in the third heat. Mike Klotz got a good jump and was able to get out front of the #29 with the #18 of Jerrid Morphy and the #15 of T.J Marshall hot on their tales as they made lap after lap in the heat. Lap 5 saw a change for the lead as the #29 of Daryl Henwood made a pass for the lead on the inside of the #46 of Mike Klotz. Once Henwood made the pass he brought with him the #18 of Jerrid Morphy and the #15 of T.J Marshall as Klotz slid to the fourth spot as the checkered came out.

Heat #3 Finishing Order

1) #29 Daryl Henwood

2) #18 Jerrid Morphy

3) #15 T.J Marshall

4) #46 Mike Klotz

5) Bill Pearsall

After the intermission all the teams were ready to get back on track for their 30 lap memorial race! which saw the #88 of Bill Stoner Sr. and the #7 of Quintin Murdoch lead the field to green for 30 laps. When field was coming off turn two the leader got loose and spun by himself and collected the #46 of Mike Klotz sending him into the outside wall with heavy damage ending his night. When the green flag flew again it would be the #7 of Qunitin Murdoch and the #03 of Jake Gilbert leading the field into turn one. Everyone made it through as the continued on their 30 lap race when at lap 4 the #33 of Keith Temple made his off off turn 4 as he appeared to have a left front tire go flat on his ride. The drivers were battling it out hard and swapping positions when on lap 8 the #39 of Bill Pearsall spun and locked it down in the middle of 1 and 2 to bring out the second caution of the day. Following the restart the #03 looked to have checked out on the field and and was building a lead over the #17 of Joe Arsenault as there was battles behind them for 5th, 6th and 7th between #18 of Jerrid Morphy, #7 of Quintin Murdoch and the #15 of T.J. Marshall. By lap ten the field had stretched out into single car runs around the track. Meanwhile you could throw a blanket over third through fifth. Meanwhile as lap 11 came around the #47 of Patrick Reulens hit the turn 3 wall hard as the brake pedal went to the floor and held on as the right front tore apart on impact with the wall. After a lengthy clean up the #03 of Jake Gilbert and the #17 of Joe Arsenault led the field back to green. Heading off into turn 1 it looks as the #17 moves down on the #03 and spins taking the #03 with him as both cars end up in the outside wall in turns 1 and 2 also collecting the #39 of Bill Pearsall and the #37 of Heath Penny stalled out before getting to the scene. The scene was quickly cleared and the race got underway as the #8 of Rick Willigar took over the top spot on the restart with the #18 Jerrid Morphy and the #15 of T.J Marshall right behind him. The field would get single filed quickly. T.J Marshall and Jerrid Morphy were breathing hard on the neck of Rick Willigar as he kept his composure during the final 19 laps navigating through lap traffic and keeping the #15 and #18 at bay as top 3 ran nose to tale. The field ran 19 green flag laps to finish out the race with the #8 of Rick Willigar taking the top spot on the podium in his first career Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modifieds feature win.

Finishing Order:

1) #8 Rick Willigar

2) #15 T.J Marshall

3) #18 Jerrid Morphy

4) #7 Quintin Murdoch

5) #42 Steve Murdoch

6) #19 Connor Ross

7) #17 Joe Arsenault

8) #00 Brian Pescetti

9) #24 Rodney Rutherford

10) #29 Daryl Henwood

11) #33 Keith Temple

12) #03 Jake Gilbert

13) #37 Heath Penny

14) #88 Bill Stoner Sr.

15) #39 Bill Pearsall

16) #47 Patrick Ruelens

17) #80 Amanda Stoner

17) #07 Michael Kenny

18) #46 Mike Klotz

We would like to thank all our amazing sponsors. Thank you for supporting this amazing group of people and everyone involved in the Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modified club.

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