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9 Down 5 To Go!

Night #9 of the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds hit the track running Saturday night. With 13 cars taking to the track for our twin 25 lap features it sure would be a battle. The club welcomed the return of the #29 of Daryl Henwood for his first event of 2022. It was Kids Ride Night at the track and the #17 of Joe Arsenault and the #7 of Quintin Murdoch took their cars onto the track to take some lucky kids around the track before racing got started.

In feature #1 13 cars started the feature with #42 Steve Murdoch and the #14 of Scott Tonelli led the field to green for 25 laps of racing. Early on it would be the #42 of Murdoch taking the lead over Tonelli. Tonelli would start falling back being on the high side allowing the #8 of Jeremy Riopelle who was subbing for Ricky Willigar would get to the back bumper of the #42, Jeremy would work around Murdoch taking the lead. As the leader took the white flag the #42 of Steve Murdoch would break loose getting into three and would end up backing into the outside wall. With minimum damage only to the rear bumper bar Steve was able to continue. On the restart Jeremy would get on the loud pedal quickly and would ultimately end up taking feature #1 over the #15 of T.J Marshall and the #5 of Mike Podd.

After the intermission it was time to get ready for feature #2. The #62 of Brian Pescetti and the #17 of Joe Arsenault would lead the field to green of the second feature. Arsenault would take over the lead early from Pescetti. As the race went on the #8 of Jeremy Riopelle and the #15 of T.J Marshall made their way through the field. The #8 of Riopelle would get into the back of the #17 of Arsenault heading into turn one sending the #17 up the track a bit and taking over the top spot bringing along with him the #15 of Marshall. Riopelle would lead the rest of the way sweeping the night and taking home the overall win for the night.

The drivers of the Canadian Vintage Modifieds return to action this Saturday, August 6th at Flamboro Speedway. Pit opens at 4:00pm, grandstands open at 5:00pm and the green flag will fly at 6:30pm. Catch all the information you need by heading over to for more ticket pricing and directions.

Feature #1 finishing order:

1) #8 Jeremy Riopelle

2) #15 T.J Marshall

3) #5 Mike Podd

4) #29 Daryl Henwood

5) #7 Quintin Murdoch

6) #24 Rodney Rutherford

7) #84 Jeremy Barton

8) #17 Joe Arsenault

9) #62 Brian Pescetti

10) #42 Steve Murdoch

11) #43 Jae Pepin

12) #44 Rob Twitchett

13) #14 Scott Tonelli

Feature #2 finishing order:

1) #8 Jeremy Riopelle

2) #15 T.J Marshall

3) #7 Quintin Murdoch

4) #17 Joe Arsenault

5) #62 Brian Pescetti

6) #29 Daryl Henwood

7) #24 Rodney Rutherford

8) #43 Jae Pepin

9) #42 Steve Murdoch

10) #5 Mike Podd

11) #14 Scott Tonelli

12) #44 Rob Twitchett

13) #84 Jeremy Barton


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