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Catching A Wave!

Saturday night the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway for night #2 of the 2022 season. With a terrifying storm blew through the area driver's and teams were unsure if we would be able to race last night. The staff at Flamboro Speedway did a great job of getting the tracked prepped and ready for the nights action.

11 teams made it out including the season debut for the #62 of Brian Pescitti making his return to the series after not making it out after the last half of the season last year. We also saw the debut of Rob Twitchett behind the wheel of the #44 this week. In practice the cars rumbled out onto the track to get a feel for the track before going feature racing. The first practice was paced by the #7 of Quintin Murdoch where the second was #15 of T.J Marshall taking the top spot in practice. As the teams got ready for the first feature of the night the mood was light hearted and fun between the competitors.

The first feature rolled out and it was the #14 of Scott Tonelli and the #42 of Steve Murdoch starting on the front row for this one with Rodney Rutherford and the #5 of Mike Podd starting behind them. Heading down into turn #1 disaster struck for 4 competitors as Ricky Willigar (#8), Rodney Rutherford (#24), T.J Marshall (#15) and the #62 of Brian Pescitti were all invloved in the accident. Everyone was able to drive away but unfortunately the #8 and the #62 were unable to make it back out for the feature #1. Green flag is out once again and this time we get through cleanly through one and two with Steve Murdoch taking the top spot from our pole sitter. Following him to the front was Quintin Murdoch where the two would battle it out until Murdoch drove a little hard into turn 3 and slid up the track allowing Quintin and Mike to get by him. Quintin went on to win the first feature with Mike Podd finishing second and Steve Murdoch rounding out the top three in feature number one.

After the intermission and with a threat of rain coming the track pushed to get the show through to get it completed. The second feature saw the #24 of Rodney Rutherford and the #15 of T.J Marshall starting on the front row of feature #2. Marshall got around the #24 of Rutherford going down the back stretch as the cars got single filed. With Marshall to the point and Mike Podd following him to the front where they would run nose to tail to the finish. Quintin Murdoch just couldn't catch the top 2 finishing in third place.

Finish order Feature #1

1) #7 Quintin Murdoch

2) #5 Mike Podd

3) #42 Steve Murdoch

4) #15 T.J Marshall

5) #24 Rodney Rutherford

6) #14 Scott Tonelli

7) #43 Jae Pepin

8) #44 Rob Twitchett

9) #17 Joe Arsenault

10) #8 Ricky Willigar

11) #62 Brian Pescitti

Feature #2

1) #15 T.J Marsahll

2) #5 Mike Podd

3) #7 Quintin Murdoch

4) #42 Steve Murdoch

5) #24 Rodney Rutherford

6) #14 Scott Tonelli

7) #62 Brian Pescitti

8) #43 Jae Pepin

9) #44 Rob Twitchett

10) #17 Joe Arsenault (DNS)

11) #8 Ricky Willigar (DNS)

Next race for your Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds go next Saturday May, 28th at Flamboro Speedway. Pit gates open at 4:00pm, grandstands open at 5:00pm and racing gets underway at 6:30pm. Lots of great action including Pro Late Models, Pro Challenge, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks and of course your Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Look forward to seeing everyone at the track!


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