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Flamboro Speedway Memorial/Fan Appreciation Night with Corn Roast and Car Cruise

Saturday night the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway for night #7 of the season. 12 cars turned out for the annual memorial night at Flamboro Speedway but of course the Canadian Vintage Modifieds put on a show. This week was a touch different as we ran heats for the first and they did not disappoint. In heat one we saw Connor Ross in his #44 and the #19 of Mike Westwood start on the front row for the 8 lap heat race. On lap three Westwood in the #19 was battling for the lead getting to the inside of Ross in the #44 and contact was made bringing out the caution with Westwood, Ross and the #42 of Steve Murdoch sliding into the infield. All three cars were able to get refired and joined the back of the field. The #03 of Bob Gilbert and the #38 of Doug Hood started front row with only 5 laps remaining. It wasn't long before Westwood in the #19 who restarted 4th was back in second place with Bob Gilbert leading the way. On the next lap the #38 of Doug Hood who was right on Westwood's bumper before pulling off down the backstretch. Westwood made the pass on Gilbert and cruised to his first heat win of 2021. In the second heat It was the #5 of Mike Podd and the #15 of T.J Marshall. On the drop of the green flag the top two battled side by side for a couple laps with the #5 of Podd prevailing and being stuck on the outside Marshall slid back in the field. Mike Podd would go on to win take his first heat win of 2021.

After a great intermission with seeing so many classic cars cruising around the track it was time to get back to work for the 30 lap feature that laid ahead for the teams. With the cars lined up ready to do battle it was the #19 of Westwood and the #03 of Bob Gilbert leading the field to green, After jostling for position the field got single filed for the most part with Westwood, Gilbert and Murdoch leading the train of about 8 cars. Around lap 6 going into turn one Westwood got in to turn 1 a little hot and looped the car but kept it off the outside wall and was able to rejoin at the tail end of the field. On the restart it was the #03 of Bob Gilbert and the #18 of Jeremy Riopelle. Coming off of turn two Jeremy Riopelle had cleared the #03 machine of Gilbert and brought along the #15 of T.J Marshall with him where they would run nose to tail. The battle was on for third as they were all lined up from third to seventh but no one getting the better of the next. The caution flew on lap 21 for spectators sanding in front of the billboards in turn one and two. With only a fews laps to go it was going to be either Riopelle or Marshall taking home the victory but when the checkered flag flew it was the #18 of Jeremy Riopelle taking home the victory.

Heat #1 result:

1) #19 Mike Westwood

2) #03 Bob Gilbert

3) Steve Murdoch

4) #53 Jeff Kells

5) #44 Connor Ross

6) #38 Doug Hood (DNF)

Heat #2 result

1) #5 Mike Podd

2) #18 Jeremy Riopelle

3) #17 Joe Arsenault

4) #8 Ricky Willigar

5) #15 T.J Marshall

6) #7 Quintin Murdoch (DNS)

Feature result:

1) #18 Jeremy Riopelle

2) #15 T.J Marshall

3) #03 Bob Gilbert

4) #8 Ricky Willigar

5) #5 Mike Podd

6) #17 Joe Arsenault

7) #42 Steve Murdoch

8) #44 Connor Ross

9) #53 Jeff Kells

10) #19 Mike Westwood

11) #7 Quintin Murdoch

12) #38 Doug Hood (DNS)


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