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Half Way Break

On Saturday the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway for their fourth event in four weeks. After some weeks with hard luck the driver's and teams are heading into a two week break period. During the night many of the teams were working hard to get their cars ready for the nights action.

In feature one the #14 of Scott Tonelli and Ricky Willigar started on the front row for the first feature of the day. Heading off into turn one Ricky got the jump on the outside and pulled the outside line with him down the back stretch as the field follows suit, bringing along with him the #7 of Quintin Murdoch. The field settles down after a couple laps of jockeying for position with Willigar still leading the field. With the field spreading out the battle up front was heating up as Quintin Murdoch was breathing down the neck of Willigar each lap before a slip up on the front stretch allowed the #5 of Mike Podd to get to his inside. Podd brought Marshall and Gilbert before settling in fifth place while Willigar was pulling away. When the checkered flag flew it was the driver of the #8 Ricky Willigar getting the checkered flag with Mike Podd and T.J Marshall finishing on the podium.

After the feature it was time to get to work for feature number 2 on the night. When the field rolled up to get ready for their feature leading the field onto the track would be the #17 of Joe Arsenault followed by the #14 of Scott Tonelli to make up the front row. On the green flag it wouldn't take long for Arsenault to make his way out front and bring along with him the #7 of Quintin Murdoch, the #15 of T.J Marshall and the #8 of Willigar. As the field settled down the heat turned up at the front of that pack as Murdoch was able to make his way around Arsenault to take top spot but leaving Arsenault on the high side mean he would get hung out to dry on the high side as Marshall and Willigar were able to make their way past Arsenault. When the checkered flag flew it was the #7 of Quintin Murdoch getting their first with T.J Marshall and Ricky Willigar finishing second and third.

The club is off for the next two weeks and will return to Flamboro Speedway on July 23 for night #8 of the 2022 season presented by WOW One Day Painting. At this point we are half way through the season. With only seven races to go the points battle at the top is only going to get tighter. Look for updates and stay tuned to our social media pages as we will be dropping a new video soon!


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