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The Race Is On!

This past weekend the drivers from the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modified returned to Flamboro Speedway for round 5 of the season. 15 cars came out to to do battle on the 1/3 mile oval despite the overcast weather and the threat of rain it was a good turnout of teams on the weekend with each team trying to take home a victory. After last weeks race where we saw Quintin Murdoch take home his first victory as well as T.J Marshall becoming our first repeat winner in 2021 who knew what was in store for night #5.

Heading into the first race of the night we saw the #42 of Steve Murdoch and the #38 of Doug Hood start on the front row. On the drop of the green flag the #17 of Joe Arsenault slipped past the #38 as the top four settled down single file rather quickly. From fifth on back there was side by side battles trying to get single filed while the top four ran away. The #17 was breathing hard on the back of the #42 of Steve Murdoch trying to get around him as the #8 of Jeremy Riopelle ( who was subbing for Ricky Willigar) and the #15 of T.J Marshall were working their way through the top 5 to get to the front of the field. First caution of the day came out as the #24 of Rodney Rutherford was stopped sideways on the track with the #5 of Mike Podd. On the restart it was Murdoch and Arsenault on the front row with Riopelle and Marshall right behind them ready to attack. Arsenault got a good run down the back stretch clearing the #42 of Steve Murdoch bringing along with him the #15 of Marshall. Unfortunately for the #44 of Connor Ross going into turn 3 slid up the track and made heavy contact with the turn 3 outside wall ending his night prematurely. With the restart the field single filled quickly with Joe Arsenault leading the way. It wasn't for long till the #15 of T.J Marshall made a move down the backstretch and made a pass on Arsenault taking over the top spot. As Marshall was taking the white flag the #7 of Quintin Murdoch who was running fifth at the time went for a spin bringing out the third caution of the race. With a green-white-checkered it was Marshall and Arsenault on the front row when the green flag through again. Marshall slipped out to a two car length lead while Arsenault and Riopelle battling side by side before the bright red #17 was able to sneak in front of the #8 car coming to the white flag. When the checkered flag flew it was the #15 of T.J Marshall taking home his second victory of the 2021 season followed by the #17 of Joe Arsenault and the #8 of Jeremy Riopelle.

After a brief shower at the end of the first round of features the skies opened up and we were able to continue as the field lined up for our second round of racing fro the night. The #7 of Quintin Murdoch and the #18 of Jerrid Morphy started on the front row. On the drop of the green flag Quintin jumped out to an early lead with the Morphy following in line. First caution of this race was brought out by a spinning Jeremy Riopelle collecting the #5 of Mike Podd in the process causing a right front tire failure. On the restart is was Murdoch and Morphy on the front row and the leaders got single filed quickly but the battle was for third between the #03 of Jake Gilbert and the #15 of T.J Marshall until contact was made sending the #15 into the outside wall of turn 2 and the #03 went for a slide through the infield. With about 8 laps to go the green flag flew on the restart and the #17 of Joe Arsenault who restarted third got to the inside of the Morphy and took over the second position away from the #18 of Morphy. Taking the checkered flag was the #7 of Quintin Murdoch for his second victory of the season followed by the #17 of Joe Arsenault and the #18 of Jerrid Morphy.

The #03 of Jake Gilbert who was involved in an accident in the race was taken to hospital for x-rays which showed a broken wrist and arm. We wish Jake a speedy recovery.

Feature #1 race result:

  1. #15 T.J Marshall

  2. #17 Joe Arsenault

  3. #8 Jeremy Riopelle (sub for Ricky Willigar)

  4. #03 Jake Gilbert

  5. #38 Doug Hood

  6. #33 Mike Westwoof

  7. #46 Mike Klotz

  8. #24 Rodney Rutherford

  9. #18 Jerrid Morphy

  10. #7 Quintin Murdoch

  11. #62 Brian Pescetti

  12. #19 John Karley

  13. #42 Steve Murdochc

  14. #5 Mike Podd

  15. #44 Connor Ross

Feature #2 race result:

  1. #7 Quintin Murdoch

  2. #17 Joe Arsenault

  3. #18 Jerrid Morphy

  4. #8 Jeremy Riopelle

  5. #46 Mike Klotz

  6. #38 Doug Hood

  7. #19 John Karley

  8. #42 Steve Murdoch

  9. #33 Mike Westwood

  10. #03 Jake Gilbert

  11. #15 T.J Marshall

  12. #5 Mike Podd

  13. #24 Rodney Rutherford

  14. #62 Brian Pescetti (DNS-Blown Motor)

  15. #44 Connor Ross (DNS)

After this past weekend we are now off for the next two weeks. The Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds will be back in action August 21st, 2021 at Flamboro Speedway. Look forward to seeing everyone back on August 21st, Don't forget Flamboro Speedway is allowed 75% capacity so let's #PACKTHETRACK. Stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on everything to do with the Young Driver Canadian Vintage Modified. Stay tuned to our YouTube page as our vlog will be up soon.

See you at the track!


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