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Where Did The Season Go?

This past weekend the Young Driver’sCanadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway for night #10 of the season and the second to last race of the season. With all the teams in the pits working on their cars. Sixteen cars came out to run twin 25 laps on Saturday night.

The first feature of the night saw the #44 of Connor Ross and the #19 of Mike Westwood start on the front row with Rodney Rutherford in his #24 and the #03 making his return after breaking his wrist seven weeks ago Jake Gilbert returned behind the wheel this week. Heading off into turn with with Westwood powering around the outside of Ross taking the top spot from Ross. Westwood got out to an early lead but that lead would evaporate real quick as the #33 couldn’t get turned and scaping the outside turn 4 wall with his right front bringing out the first caution of the night. On the ensuing restart we saw Westwood and Gilbert occupy the front row. As they came through turns three and four contact was made between GIlber and Mike Podd sending around the #5 machine of Podd bringing out the caution after not being able to get rolling while the #03 of Gilbert had a left front tire go down from the contact but both cars would remain in the field and Gilbert would make it back out. With only 3 laps complete it was the #19 of Westwood and and the #15 of Marshall started on the front row. Heading off into turn one it appears contact was made between the #5 and the #88 having the #5 car spin around and the #44 of Connor Ross had to get on the brakes hard but made no contact with the #5 car. Once Connor got rolling again he noticed there was a miss with the rear end which he brought down pit lane to the attention of his team. On the restart the #19 and #15 machine powered their way through turns one and two where they would stay side by side for many laps before T.J Marshall took the lead. One by one they would pass by Westwood until contact between the #19 an the #18 sending the #19 of Westwood up to the wall. Westwood was able to continue and finish the race. After another brief caution from a spinning the #53 of Jeff Kells carnage would strike for a couple of teams. The #8 of Ricky Willigar got loose coming out of two where he spin and back into the wall and as cars were scattering the #19 of Westwood got airborne clipping the left front of his car with the right rear of the #5 car. Westwood would rest up against the wall on all four with the #17 of Joe Arsenault, the #53 and the #33 also involved. When the checker flag flew it was the #15 of T.J Marshall taking the win with the #7 of Quintin Murdoch finishing second and the #18 of Jerrid Morphy coming home third to round out our podium.

When the teams got back to the pits they got right to work getting their cars ready for the second feature of the night. 15 of the 16 cars were able to return for our second 25 lap race of the night.

In the second feature it was the #42 of Steve Murdoch and the #5 of Mike Podd starting on the front row. When the green flew 15 cars flew off into turn one battling for the each position. On the exit of two cars started checking off and gathering themselves up when the #03 of Jake Gilbert came cruising through trying to take the top spot. On his entrance into turn three the #03 came in with a bit more head of steam and pushed up the track allowing the #42 of Murdoch to sneak back by on the inside. After making a pass for the lead the #7 of Quintin Murdoch took over the top spot away from the elder Murdoch before making contact with a lap car bringing out a caution. On the restart the #5 of Podd took over the top spot and never looked back cruising to another feature win in 2021. The #18 of Jerrid Morphy and the #15 of T.J Marshall rounded out our podium in feature #2.

Come on out this Saturday as the season for the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds concludes with twin 25 lap features at Flamboro Speedway. Pit's open at 4pm, grandstands open at 5pm and racing gets underway at 6:30pm. See everyone at the track for championship night!

Feature #1 Finishing Order:

1) #15 T.J Marshall

2) #7 Quintin Murdoch

3) #18 Jerrid Morphy

4) #03 Jake Gilbert

5) #5 Mike Podd

6) #8 Ricky Willigar

7) #42 Steve Murdoch

8). #39 Jae Pepin

9) #53 Jeff Kells

10) #33 Bob Gary

11) #19 Mike Westwood

12) #17 Joe Arsenault

13) #24 Rodney Rutherford

14) #88 Bill Stoner

15) #44 Connor Ross

15) #80 Amanda Stoner

Feature #2 Finishing Order:

1) #5 Mike Podd

2) #18 Jerrid Morphy

3) #15 T.J Marshall

4) #03 Jake Gilbert

5) #8 Ricky Willigar

6) #42 Steve Murdoch

7) #7 Quintin Murdoch

8) #17 Joe Arsenault

9) #19 Mike Westwood

10) #53 Jeff Kells

11) #33 Bob Gary

12) #88 Bill Stoner

13) #44 Connor Ross

14) #39 Jae Pepin

15) #24 Rodnery Rutherford

16) #80 Amanda Stoner


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