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Gary Elliott Celebrating Huge Milestone for 2023

In 2023 Gary Elliott will embark on a landmark feat. 50 years with the same sponsor, for 50 years Quaker State Motor Oil and Gary Elliott have been synonymous in southern Ontario Motorsports. Gary Elliott, 40 year member of the CVM and 7 time President is closing in on 50 years of driver/sponsor partnership with Quaker State.

As Gary prepares for this historic occasion family and friends can own a piece of this amazing achievement. The longest driver/sponsorship in racing history.

To celebrate Gary will be having 1/24th scale Die-casts cars made for 2023 with his 2023 paint scheme on board.

The choice for Diecast is Lionel Racing, the approved Diecast provider for NASCAR. Elliott will be ordering them March of this year. Lionel gets them offshore and will have them by October, then to Gary by late December 2022.

They are going to sell for $100 plus shipping. He doesn’t need any payment until October 2022. If you would like to own a piece of this historic moment please contact Gary Elliott on facebook to order yours today! Please remember all orders must be in to Gary in March!

Gary will also be adding the CVM logo on the decorated box. Look forward to owning one of these next year!


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