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Marshall, Willigar Win On Meet The Drivers Night!

After raining out last time out cancelling the nights races on July 8th. The drivers in the Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned for WOW 1 Day Painting night on July 22nd for the third attempt at Meet the Drivers Night. It was third times the charm for sure on this one. Weather was spot on and the drivers were eager to get back behind the wheel after sitting out two weekends.

First feature saw great battles throughout the field between T.J Marshall and Mike Podd as they worked their way through the field and battled hard. but ultimately it would be the #15 of Marshall picking up his fifth win on the season. Mike Podd finishing second and Ricky Willigar rounding out the podium for feature #1.

4) #14 Scott Tonelli

5) #84 Jeremy Barton

6) #7 Quintin Murdoch

7) #43 Jae Pepin

8 ) #5 Ian McIntyre

9) #2 Jessica James

10) #57 Joey Woolsey

During intermission all the drivers made their way to the front stretch for Meet the Drivers Night. The night was well attended and with many of the fans picking up hero cards and/or candy. Thank you to everyone at Flamboro Speedway for making the effort to get Meet the Drivers Night in!

Teams made their way back to the pits after to prepare for feature #2. With the drop of the green flag drivers fought for position throughout the field. Barring two cautions it set up for a good battle at the front of the field between Ricky Willigar, and T.J Marshall. Podd was in third and catching the lead pack before a head gasket ultimately ended his race. Ricky Willigar would hold off Marshall to collect his second checkered flag of the year. T.J Marshall and Quintin Murdoch would finish 2nd & 3rd.

4) #14 Scott Tonelli

5) #5 Ian McIntyre

6) #43 Jae Pepin

7) #2 Jessica James

8 ) #57 Joey Woolsey

9) #1 Mike Podd

10) #84 Jeremy Barton

Big thank you goes out to WOW 1 Day Painting for presenting the nights action. Next race up fro the Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modifieds goes August 5th.


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