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Rain Delay Don't Stop The Party.

This past weekend the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway to do battle in night #4 of the year. With weather moving into the area there was doubt we would get our features in. 14 Canadian Vintage Modifieds made the call tonight with a tight point battle with only four points separating the top 3 in points each driver was looking to gain an edge on the next. Practice rolled through nicely for both sessions and the cars were tuned up and ready to go for twin 25 lap features.

In the first race we saw Mike Westwood start on and Ricky Willigar start on the front row of feature #1. When the green flag flew it was race to the bottom and unfortunately Ricky found that out the hard way as he got stuck on the outside lane and drifted back to seventh before a lap 5 caution saw John Karley spin in turn two after battling for the lead with Mike Westwood. On the ensuing restart it was the 15 year old Quintin Murdoch starting to the outside of Westwood. The green flag flew once again and it was the #7 of Quintin Murdoch working his way on the highside of the #33 of Westwood to clear him down the back stretch. Quintin would lead the remaining 20 laps to capture his first win of the season with the #18 of Jerrid Morphy coming second and the #15 of T.J Marshall coming home third.

After a 30 minute rain delay during the mini stock race after a light shower moved over the area we went back to green flag racing on an accelerated schedule. After pulling out the cars out of the trailers the teams got to work getting their cars ready for feature #2. Ricky Willigar in the #8 and Mike Klotz in the #46 started on the front row of the feature. On lap 5 the caution flag flew due to a sliding Mike Westwood who appeared to get loose off of four and tried to correct after a couple swings back and forth before losing it on the straightaway with the #29 of Daryl Henwood with no where to go and made contact. Henwood was able to continue but unfortunately for Westwood his night would end there. On the restart the outside line seemed to not be able to get the grip the inside line could and shuffled back the top lane on the restart. On lap 7 T.J Marshall who after starting fourth on the restart slide back to battling for sixth before it appeared contact was made on the left front which ended the night for the #15. On the restart it was Ricky Willigar starting pole with Mike Podd to his outside. Podd in his #5 got a good jump on the outside and passed the #8 of Willigar coming out of two and it was smooth sailing for Podd to collect his second feature win of the year becoming our first two time winner here in 2021.

Feature #1 Finishing Order:

1) #7 Quintin Murdoch

2) #18 Jerrid Morphy

3) #15 T.J Marshall

4) #29 Daryl Henwood

5) #5 Mike Podd

6) #33 Mike Westwood

7) #46 Mike Klotz

8) #8 Ricky Willigar

9) #42 Steve Murdoch

10) #44 Connor Ross

11) #62 Brian Pescetti

12) #17 Joe Arsenault

13) #19 John Karley (DNF)

14) #38 Doug Hood (DNS)

Feature #2 Finishing Order:

1) #5 Mike Podd

2) #8 Ricky Willigar

3) #18 Jerrid Morphy

4) #17 Joe Arsenault

5) #7 Quintin Murdoch

6) #29 Daryl Henwood

7) #46 Mike Klotz

8) #44 Connor Ross

9) #38 Doug Hood

10) #62 Brian Pescetti

11) #42 Steve Murdoch

12) #19 John Karley (DNF)

13) #15 T.J Marshall (DNF)

14) #33 Mike Westwood (DNF)

With a second and third place run Jerrid Morphy is your overall winner of the night.

Our next race is Saturday July 31st at Flamboro Speedway. Also racing that night will be the Ontario Modifieds, Super Stock, Mini Stock, Pure Stock and Pro Four. Pit's open at 4:00, grandstands open at 5:00 and racing gets underway at 6:30PM. Make sure to check follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our vlog will be up on YouTube in the next few days so stay tuned. Thank you to all our competitors, sponsors and fans for sticking it out last night to watch some great racing, see everyone Saturday!


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