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Nine Down, Two To Go!

This past Saturday night the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds returned to Flamboro Speedway for round 10 of the season. After a rough week last week between point leader Jerrid Morphy and T.J Marshall who both were involved in accidents were back at it Saturday to keep their hopes of a championship alive. Teams came through the gate at 4pm and set up for the night of racing that saw 14 cars between two heat races to conclude with a 30 lap feature.

In heat number one we saw Connor Ross and Quintin Murdoch start on the front row of the 8 lap heat race to start the night. As the front row made their way down the front stretch into turn one it was Quintin Murdoch powering through on the outside taking the lead and bringing along with him was the #5 of Mike Podd and the #15 of T.J Marshall where the three of them would set the pace on the field with the #7 of Murdoch taking home the heat win.

In heat two it was the #18 of Jerrid Morphy and the #03 of Bob Gilbert led the field to green diving off into turn one. Jerrid pulled away down the back stretch bringing along with him the #8 of Ricky Willigar. The field spread out and would keep the heat race clean and clear with Morphy taking the heat win.

Come feature time the field was lined up and ready to go with Quintin Murdoch and Mike Podd leading the field to green. Coming out of turn four coming to the green the #7 car of Murdoch made a hard left turn and slowed up and fell to the back of the field giving up the lead to the #5 of Mike Podd. The top three broke away and ran nose to tail and four car lengths back from third fourth through sixth was running nose to tail till disaster struck as contacted was made in turn three between Westwood and Arsenault sending the #19 machine around backwards into the outside wall ending Westwood's top five run. On the restart Mike Podd took back his lead bringing along with him Morphy and Willigar with Marshall stuck on the high side falling back to fourth. The top four would run nose to tail for the remainder of the 30 lap feature race with Mike Pod taking home his fourth feature win of 2021.

Make sure to join us this weekend as we're back in action at Flamboro Speedway. Gates open at 5pm and racing starts at 6pm.

Heat 1 Finish:

1) #7 Quintin Murdoch

2) #5 Mike Podd

3) #15 T.J Marshall

4) #19 Mike Westwood

5) #44 Connor Ross

6) #42 Steve Murdoch

7) #53 Jeff Kells

Heat 2 Finish:

1) #18 Jerrid Morphy

2) #8 Ricky Willigar

3) #17 Joe Arsenault

4) #24 Rodney Rutherford

5) #03 Bob Gilbert

6) #84 Jeremy Barton

7) #29 Daryl Henwood

Feature Finish:

1) #5 Mike Podd

2) #18 Jerrid Morphy

3) #8 Ricky Willigar

4) #15 T.J Marshall

5) #7 Quintin Murdoch

6) #29 Daryl Henwood

7) #42 Steve Murdoch

8) #17 Joe Arsenault

9) #84 Jeremy Barton

10) #44 Connor Ross

11) #03 Bob Gilbert

12) #24 Rodney Rutherford

13) #53 Jeff Kells

14) #19 Mike Westwood


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