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That's right folks we are heading back to Flamboro Speedway to begin our 2021 campaign. On June 19th the teams of the Young Driver's Canadian Vintage Modifieds will return to black top to due battle. No fans/ Spectators will be allowed under COVID guidelines.

Stay tuned to all our social media handles as we continue our countdown to the big day as well as on race day where we will have updates throughout the day as well as video and photos of the on track action.

We will also be adding a new feature to the 2021 media lineup. As you know last year we started a youtube channel to help bring more footage to you. This year we're ramping it up with starting a vlog of the days events. Make sure to check it out with some on board footage as well as getting up close and personal with each team with their days.

We're excited to finally get back to the track this summer. Hopefully we will be able to have you the fans back in the stands soon!

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