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What. A. Race

First off we would love to thank all the fans in attendance this past weekend at Flamboro Speedway. It was incredible to see all the fans back and for us to return to somewhat normal was a great sight to see. Night #2 was sponsored by Kenny Painting and we had 15 Young Drivers Canadian Vintage Modifieds signed in for the night. After a two week break from our first race on June 19th the drivers were ready to heat up the night.

Our first feature of the night saw the #19 of John Karley and the #8 of Ricky Willigar starting on the front row with Joe Arsenault and his #17 starting third and the #03 Jake Gilbert starting fourth. On the drop of the Green flag they drove hard down into turn 1. Down the backstretch John Karley pulled out to an early lead but Willigar was staying close to his outside. As the battle to get to the bottom and get single filed was heating up John kept creeping his lead to a four car length lead over second for most of the race but restarts were the name of the game as we had a few cautions throughout the first 25 lap feature of the day. After Rodney Rutherford went around in turn two. On the restart Joe Arsenault fell back and was battling with the #03 and it appears contact was made between the #17 and the #03 with the #17 being on the losing end as Arsenault went around coming out of two and came to a stop without collecting more cars in the process. After a late race restart the #5 of Mike Podd was able to get around the #19 of John Karley and hold him off to win feature #1 of the night. Following the race the #19 of John Karley was DQ'ed and would be scored 12th.

Feature #1 Finishing Order

1) #5 Mike Podd

2) #7 Quintin Murdoch

3) #03 Jake Gilbert

4) #15 T.J Marshall

5) #8 Ricky Willigar

6) #62 Brian Pescetti

7) #17 Joe Arsenault

8) #42 Steve Murdoch

9) Doug Hood

10) Dale Lucas

11) Jeremy Riopelle

12) John Karley

13) Connor Ross

14) Rodney Rutherford

15) Mike Westwood

In Feature #2 of the night the #18 of Jeremy Riopelle on the pole with the #38 of Doug Hood on his outside with Steve Murdoch in the #42 and the #17 of Joe Arsenault to his outside in the fourth position. On the drop of the green flag heading into turn 3 a parking lot developed out of nowhere collecting 8 cars including our feature #1 winner Mike Podd as well as Ricky Willigar in the #8 car. Both of those driver would be taken off the track for the night. In what would be a caution filled race with 6 cautions in 25 laps it was the #18 of Jeremy Riopelle taking the checkered flag in front of the #03 of Jake Gilbert and the #17 of Joe Arsenault.

Feature #2 Finihsing Order

  1. #18 Jeremy Riopelle

  2. #03 Jake Gilbert

  3. #17 Joe Arsenault

  4. #33 Mike Westwood

  5. #30 Dale Lucas

  6. #62 Brian Pescetti

  7. #44 Connor Ross

  8. #7 Quintin Murdoch

  9. #38 Doug Hood

  10. #15 T.J Marshall

  11. #19 John Karley

  12. #42 Steve Murdoch

  13. #8 Ricky Willigar

  14. #5 Mike Podd

  15. #24 Rodney Rutherford (DNS)

Jake Gilbert was the overall winner of the night with his fourth place finish in the first feature and a second place in the second feature.

Thank you to all the clubs amazing sponsors, fans, drivers and everyone. Next race is July 10th. FANS ARE ALLOWED. Pit entrance opens at 4PM and Grandstand at 5PM and racing gets underway at 6:30 PM. Make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube Channel as we will have our vlog from this past weekend up soon.


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